数学高中, 科学与工程, 纽约最好的特殊高中之一, was founded in the spring of 2002 as a joint initiative of 纽约 City Schools’ Chancellor Harold O. Levy博士. Mathew Goldstein, the Chancellor of The City University of 纽约. R而且y Asher was the school’s founding 主要; William Dugan took over in 2006. Crystal Bonds became the 主要 of 电竞竞猜 in November 2011. 电竞竞猜得到了美国国家认证协会的认可 纽约时报 as 纽约最多元化的学校. 电竞竞猜是一所教师敬业的学校, 谁与优秀的学生合作, 谁会继续做不平凡的事情.




数学高中, Science 而且 Engineering at The City College of 纽约 是独一无二的吗, 协作, educational experience in which talented 学生 are challenged to exp而且 their intellect 而且 to develop the habits of inquiry, 表达式, 批判性思维, 寻求问题以及解决问题, 研究和报告. The academically rigorous learning environment will focus on math, science 而且 工程 while emphasizing civic responsibility 而且 the value of knowledge for its own intrinsic reward.

电竞竞猜学习社区的所有成员:员工, 学生, 家长及附属合作伙伴, will develop the ability to access 而且 analyze information, 从多个角度看世界, to make connections 而且 see patterns across disciplines, 去想象无法想象的事情.

电竞竞猜的毕业生应该是知识渊博的, 深思熟虑的, persuasive citizens who are prepared to take full advantage of the plethora of opportunities available in the nation’s most prestigious universities, 工作场所, 和远远超出.



电竞竞猜 at CCNY, 巴斯克维尔德大厅, 240 Convent Ave, 纽约, NY 10031 


电竞竞猜结合了严谨的科学课程, 技术, 工程, 而且 数学 with an ambitious humanities curriculum. Our 协作 approach to education fosters a supportive community which raises the performance level of each individual. 在电竞竞猜的实验室和教室, 而且 in internships at Mount Sinai Medical School 而且 CCNY’s Grove School of Engineering, 学生在实践中学习. Our skilled 而且 committed faculty teach with rigor, 对他们的臣民充满热情, 带着对学生的真挚感情. 电竞竞猜的老师们设置了很高的标准, 而且 their 奉献 helps 学生 meet high expectations – 而且 even exceed them.

电竞竞猜 attracts a diverse group of talented 学生 who approach learning with excitement, 奉献, 还有一种乐趣, 不管他们是在解决微积分问题, 阅读莎士比亚, 研究果蝇的基因, 设计电路, 讨论中世纪的法庭制度, 或德语动词变位. 聪明的, 好奇的, 和努力工作, 电竞竞猜 学生 form a community of learners who support 而且 challenge one another. They’re also the nicest teenagers you will ever meet.

Our 学生 are drawn from all five boroughs, from public 而且 private middle schools, 而且 from 不同种族背景. When they graduate they are prepared for college 而且 for life beyond by 电竞竞猜’s in-depth approach to learning. 住在 巴斯克维尔德大厅, CCNY校园内的一座专用建筑, 电竞竞猜 gives 学生 an early taste of college life as they eat in the college cafeteria 而且 study in the college library. Newly built science 而且 工程 labs offer up-to-date equipment, 而且 all classrooms have internet access 而且 computers or laptop carts.


All 电竞竞猜 courses are taught at the honors, college, or AP level. Core classes meet every other day for ninety minutes, allowing time for complex activities 而且 in-depth discussions. There is a 45-minute elective enrichment course 而且 a 45-minute lunch period every day. 电竞竞猜 maintains an extended day schedule: all 学生 are in school from 8:00 am to 3:35 pm daily through 12th grade.

所有学生至少要学习五年的数学, including at least one year of calculus for most 学生. 学生 also take a core set of 工程 courses, preparing for life in a technological world whether or not they plan to become professional engineers. 学生 take laboratory sciences each year, as well as history 而且 English. Study of a language other than English is also required for at least three years. Both German 而且 Spanish are offered, with most 学生 taking German, the language of 工程. Elective offerings are shaped by the interests of teachers 而且 学生, 包括艺术课程, 音乐, 机器人, 而且 美食.

在十年级的春季, 学生可以选择工程专业, 数学, 而且 biomedical research (in partnership with Mount Sinai School of Medicine).


电竞竞猜 学生 benefit from groundbreaking programs made possible by our academic partnerships. The City College of 纽约 offers college credit for many 电竞竞猜 courses, 还有一个大型研究图书馆的使用权, 在实验室实习, 以及使用学校的运动设施. 与的合作 歌德学院 而且 the American Association of Teachers of German support 电竞竞猜’s German program, the largest high school German program in the United States, 而且 support travel-study to Germany for several 电竞竞猜 学生 each summer. Our core 工程 curriculum was designed by Project Lead the Way. Upperclass 学生 in the biomedical concentration spend half of the school day in research labs 而且 clinical rotations at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

A community of learners for four years, friends for life

电竞竞猜的学生是一个紧密联系的社区的一部分. They work hard together, but they laugh a lot together, too. 巴斯克维尔庄园正对着纽约市立广场, 为学生提供吃午饭的草地, 玩捉人游戏, 在阳光明媚的日子里放松一下. School-sponsored events such as the annual Talent Show, 多元文化的晚上, 而且 Inter-grade Olympics give 学生 opportunities to share their talents 而且 their experiences with the larger school community. 电竞竞猜 athletic teams compete in the Public School Athletic League (PSAL), 而且 学生 participate in a wide range of clubs 而且 extracurricular activities, 包括《美国青年政治家, 关键的俱乐部, 模拟联合国, 该联盟, 啦啦队, 舞蹈团队, 博士和. 龙,电竞竞猜的学生经营的杂志.

By offering a challenging program rich with opportunities, 电竞竞猜 prepares 学生 to succeed in college 而且 beyond. 电竞竞猜 graduates are equipped to become the next generation of leaders, 社会中的批判性思考者和创新者.

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